CD Duplication

Ultimate Mobile Recordings are now offering CD Duplication services to give you a complete package from the start of your recording to the finished mastered product onto a professional looking CD ready for sale.
We also have an excellent graphics designer who can help you through the process of creating the artwork for your CD. 
Our Packages exclude some potential additional costs which are listed below. for any queries please get in touch
CD and Recording Packages 
500 CD Package
  • 500 jewel case CD unit
  • Front and rear inserts
  •  (6 Hours) on location recording plus Set up.
  • Mixing and Mastering (5Hours)
  • Custom Artwork
Total = £1,326
Cost Per CD = £2.65
Selling CD at £10.00
PRS = £325.00
Total Profit = £3,349 
1000 CD Package
  • 1000 jewel case CD unit
  • Front and rear inserts
  • 2 Day (2x 8Hours) on Location Recording plus Set up.
  • Mixing and Mastering (8 hours)
  • Custom artwork
Total = £2,150
Cost Per CD = 2.15
Selling CD at £10.00
PRS = £650.00
Total Profit = £7,200
CD Duplication of Recordings
Disc Type: CD Disc 700MB
Disc Surface: Colour/Professional Digital printing, Photo Quality/ Resolution 4800 x 1200 DPI
Case: Cd Jewel Clear/Black Tray, Paper Inserts for both front and rear of case.
Inserts: Copy artwork onto inserts both front and back on both sides of the CD case.
Front Insert: 2 Page Colour Insert.
Rear Inlay: 1pp Rear full colour inlay 
Shrink Wrap: Individually
Music Copyright cooperations MCPS/PRS. Organisations can purchase a Limited Manufacture license, this is a blanket license that will allow you to use copyright material being used and the number of CDs being manufactured.
MCPS Limited Manufacture License Pricing (Assuming your Selling the CD's at £10.00 per Unit)
500 Cd Units = £325.00
1000 Cd Units = £650.00
  • Extra Day recording from (£250.00 for 6 Hours). 
  • Extra Editing/ Mixing And Mastering from (£15.00 Per Hour). 
  • Travel Expenses.
  • Additional CD Duplication.
  • Extra Charges for PA / Engineer hire for recordings at live events.
Choir CD Packages