At Ultimate Mobile Recordings we provide excellent on- location mobile recordings for you choir/singing ensemble. 

Recording your choir has a number of benefits such as recording to CD so that the choir can make a a healthy profit from CD Sales, marketing and promoting the choir, A gift for choir/ family members, Apply the recordings to your webpage for digital download. 

We can offer your choir/ singing Group the Perfect package. Weather you have a tight budget and are only looking for a few songs to be recorded to recording an albums worth onto CD with our CD packages



We also Offer Promotional Videos as an added extra to your recording experience. If you'd like a 3/4 minute promotional video which could be added to your webpage with behind the scenes footage or a music video. 

How It Works?



We've made recording your Marching band as straight forward and stress free as possible. 


We're a mobile recording studio so we can set up and record in any venue or rehearsal room you'd like, As long as there's power.


Firstly, Let us know what you'd like from our services. Wether its just a Audio recording, CD duplication, or our latest Video Package, PA System, Or a package including everything for your promotional needs.


Venue for recordings.


There are two ways we can record your performance:


Rehearsal Space - Rehearsal space is most common as we normally ask the marching band to perform the song 2-3 times to get the best take. If your looking for a promotional video to go with the recording this is the best way for a high quality product. Better option if your looking into our CD duplication packages. 


Live At an Event - We can record your marching bands performance at a live event. This is a good way to capture the atmosphere of a live performance with audience applause etc. We can film your live performance but at an extra cost due to more editing time required. 



Next, You'll need to do is contact us with a date and time you have in mind and we'll check our calendar to confirm the recording date.


On Location Choir Recordings
Choir/ Singing Ensemble Recording

What we do


Once a date and time have been secured We then work our magic. We require 1-2 hours prior to the recording to get our equipment into the venue and set up. we then ask the choir to perform the songs 2-3 times to get the best take. We offer a listen back service so you'll be able to listen to the recording in process. We then take the recorded data back to the recording/video editing studio in Torbay where it is mixing and edited. We will send you samples of the tracks via email to make sure you are happy with the quality. We aim to get the tracks and video finished within 1 week after the recording date. 


When your happy with the finished audio/video recording we can then send you the finished product either by email in (WAV/ Mp3) or our CD Duplication Services.