Mixing & Mastering 

Our Mixing & mastering of projects is performed on one of the latest and top industry recording and editing softwares Logic Pro X. This program allows us to use a variety of plugins that can be added to the individual tracks to enhance the sound of voices or instruments. 

Some of these plugins consist of an 'Equaliser' Section. The Equaliser is used to take away nasty frequencies that could bring harshness a muddy sounding mixes. EQ's are also a way of adding or taking away frequencies such as lows,mids,highs that are needing depending on the vocal or instrument.

We then have the use 'Compressors' which enhance the individual channels and to stop any peaks. For example, if the bassist or vocalists doesn't have a consist form of playing or singing wether soft or really loud the compressor is then used to level the peaks out making the tracks consistent throughout.

'Noise Gates' are used quite often in live recordings particularly with drums as during a live recording there will be 'noise Spillage' (this is when microphones that are placed to pick up the sound of one instrument pick up other instruments playing within the same room). Noise gates are a great way to get rid of any unnecessary sounds or frequencies you don't need in that particular instrument. 


These are just a few technics used in the mixing process. We also use a larger variety of different plug ins for both the mixing and mastering stages of the tracks to give the highest quality possible from our live recordings.