On Location Recording 

What does on location involve?

We supply equipment that allows us to record up to 32 microphone individual channels. This allows us to record all of these microphones which can pick up different sections of your singing group or instruments.

Some of the benefits of on location mobile recording. To capture a true representation of your live performance. You don't get the pressures of being in the studio as well as the prices. 

On location recording couldn't be made anymore easy. Just let us know the Date and time you'd like us to show up and thats it. We will sort out all of the technical riffraff so you can concentrate on your performance. 

If you decide that you'd like a recording in a controlled environment such as a rehearsal room we supply acoustic treatment and headphones for the performers. 

CHOIRS- we supply headphones for the musical director and any accompaniments such as guitar or piano. This is a perfect for wanting to perform to a click track and to here the recording in process. 

On Location Recording Studio

On location recording is a great way to capture the energy, atmosphere, and trueness of your choirs performance at a venue of your choice. 


Ultimate Mobile Recordings provides an excellent service and great working environment to make the choir as comfortable as possible for their audio recording. 


We provide industry standard equipment and microphones to capture the true essence of the choir as well as the venues acoustics. With a Bahons and over 8 years experience you can be sure that your in great hands.